Zameer Lokhandwalla, the Celebrity Jeweler is the founder and CEO of The Ice Champ and Marc Samuel Jewels.  Worn by elites and aristocrats, his magnificent high jewelry is both whimsical and joyful. Encouraging investment-quality pieces that will stand the test of time in favor of classic design, he is renowned for his hip-hop jewelry.

Art cannot be taught. Finding your real aesthetic, penetrating deep within, and developing it over time, is an ongoing pursuit. Zameer Lokhandwala discovered his calling early in life with a strong desire to express his view of life. He believes in discovering design and shape in architecture and nature and imbibing that into his creations. This desire to contribute to timeless art developed into a passion for designing one-of-a-kind jewelry.

The Journey

The inspiration that drove him to launch his business was to live his own “American dream”. He was attracted to the opulent world and desired to be a part of it from day one, so he launched himself into the celebrity jewelry business. Luxury items are exquisite and exclusive. Many individuals are looking for luxury items to make their lives much more extravagant. Zameer Lokhandwala believes in meeting the needs of individuals searching for elegance.

Renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship, his brand works with a variety of stones and metals, from rose gold to white gold and beyond. Ultimately, offering one of the finest jewelry lines on the market, he believes that in order to grow and achieve further, he needs to establish a unique bond with each client to earn their trust and support. Zameer Lokhandwala has been fortunate enough to serve big celebrities like Deion Saners , Amari cooper, Jason Terry, Laél Collins, Deion Saners, Erroll Spence Jr, Mprrish Claiborne, Demarcus Lawrence and many more.

Zameer Lokhandwala – The Celebrity Jewelry Designer

Zameer Lokhandwala, proudly the founder of The Ice Champ and Marc Samuel Jewels, has been creating jewelry masterpieces for over 2 decades. He has been expanding the enterprise including the establishment and operation of the biggest jewelry design and manufacturing facilities in the United States. This required substantial training with master jewelers and craftsmen. He visited other artistic communities abroad and came back to the United States with a fresh perspective on how to design and create jewelry. He believes jewelry should excite the wearer, and his designs offer a whimsical, individual, and highly artistic perspective on fine jewelry.

Zameer Lokhandwalla is a master jeweler and designer who believe in creating beautiful pieces which are authentic and meaningful. His jewelry has been widely displayed and collected not only in the United States and but also overseas. He is an iconic celebrity jewelry designer renowned for creating bespoke rings, bracelets, chains, pendants, and earrings. As a responsible jeweler, he follows stringent standards when it comes to sourcing valuable and rare gems for his clients. He continually seeks reforms in the diamond industry to promote ethical sourcing, and only buys from suppliers who strictly uphold labor and environmental standards.

Zameer Lokhandwala takes great satisfaction in providing exceptional, personalized customer care as well as expert repairs, remakes, and modifications. Unlike any other jeweler, he backs each of his pieces with warranties. A customer can walk into his store and he will be able to help them with repair, buffing, cleaning, and polishing. This will ensure that the pieces will always stay as good as when the customer first got them. His quality of work differentiates him from other jewelers.

For the love of fashion, The Ice Champ and Marc Samuel Jewels were created. They support the idea of empowering uniqueness, their goal is to unite customers, curators, and producers as the world’s leading platform for luxury fashion. Beautiful works of art are created by Zameer Lokhandwalla that will be worn and cherished for generations to come. Their jewelers and designers are master artisans who set the bar for creating distinctive, breathtakingly gorgeous pieces that pay homage to the heritage and interpret modern trends. The master jewelers at the Ice Champs are the best in the business; they are skilled craftsmen who have invested many years in their education and professions in the quest for excellence. They are able to properly translate the sketches into pieces of jewelry that are stunningly beautiful. In order to maintain the craft of making beautiful handcrafted jewelry for future generations, they also look for and support the most promising new talent. They scour the globe for the best gems, and pair them with award-winning designs to create quirky works of art that will evoke memories from the minute the box is opened until the day it is passed on.

By creating unique signature designs, fusing unconventional materials such as diamonds and metals, and imaginatively reinventing how jewelry is worn, Zameer Lokhandwalla creates beautiful jewelry pieces for the client who dares to be different.