Steps to Pick the Perfect Diamond for your Jewelry

Steps to Pick the Perfect Diamond for your Jewelry

Diamonds, ah! These magnificent, dazzling gems make every celebration special and every moment memorable.  It is not surprising that many jewelry lovers want to celebrate memorable occasions with diamonds. Rings embellished with these priceless stones make wonderful presents. There is no comparison to diamonds, whether you are giving one to a loved one, purchasing one for an occasion, or treating yourself to some glitz. And regardless of the reason you purchase a diamond, you almost always shell out a substantial sum for these sparklers. How do you prevent being taken advantage of when you are investing a lot of money in something so priceless? For this reason, selecting a diamond should be done with the same care as selecting a life mate. Here, Zameer Lokhandwalla provides you with a brief how-to for a purchasing diamond without being taken advantage of.

This article is for anyone wishing to buy a loose diamond from one of the many diamond suppliers (either by itself or with an engagement ring as a “make your own” set).

Things to know before Buying a Diamond

Think again if you believe that a diamond’s brilliant brightness will reveal whether it is true or fake. In fact, many people mistake fake stones for diamonds because of their sheer brilliance. The gemstone you believe to be a diamond may actually be zirconia. It is a fake diamond that has the same look and feels as a real diamond but is not one. Even more challenging, it’s tough to distinguish between the two based solely on looks. Zameer Lokhandwalla has stated a few easy actions you may take to ensure that the diamond you plan to purchase is genuine. These include being aware of the fundamentals of diamonds, picking a trustworthy jeweler with caution, and requesting diamond certification.

To get the most value for your money when purchasing a diamond, keep these crucial considerations in mind. These include, being aware of the fundamentals of diamonds, picking a trustworthy jeweler with caution, and requesting diamond certification. A stunning diamond can be chosen by limiting your shape selections and choosing high-quality alternatives for the 4Cs which stand for cut, color, clarity, and carat without costing too much. We’ll go into more depth about them below, but for now, they are:

⦁ Cut quality
⦁ Color
⦁ Clarity
⦁ Carat weight

Cut: The cut is regarded as being the most significant of the four Cs. It establishes a diamond’s level of brilliance. When compared to a well-cut diamond, a badly cut stone would be dull and have less brilliance. In addition, shapes like marquise and princess can give the impression that a diamond is larger than it actually is.

Zameer Lokhanwala’s Tip: The majority of diamonds sold today have “Excellent” to “Very Good” cuts. Poor-cut diamonds typically have a lifeless, dull appearance.

Color: Grades D through Z are used to define the second C, color. The most expensive grade of all colorless diamonds is D. From D to Z, the diamond’s price becomes less expensive.

Zameer Lokhanwala’s Tip: D, E, and F grade diamonds are frequently incredibly uncommon and expensive. Typically, G and H diamonds are regarded as being affordable. In grades 1 and lower, the color becomes more noticeable.

Clarity: Next is clarity. The minute blemishes or imperfections in a diamond determine its clarity. Imperfections are called inclusions. As the quantity of inclusions rises, a diamond’s clarity declines. The better a diamond is, the higher its clarity will be. The greatest clarity diamonds are referred to as flawless (FL) diamonds.

Zameer Lokhanwala’s Tip: Due to the design of the facet arrangement’s improved ability to conceal inclusions, brilliant-cut diamonds exhibit clarity attributes less than step-cut diamonds do. Compared to a diamond with a brilliant cut, you might need to pay more for color and clarity if you wish to get a step-cut diamond (such as an emerald cut).

Carat: The fourth and final C is the carat. The term “carat” is used to describe a diamond’s weight. The carat weight of a diamond increases with the size of the stone. The price of the stones rises as the price of the carat increases. You should be aware that the cost of two stones with the same carat value can vary based on the other three Cs.

Zameer Lokhanwala’s Tip: Carat weight increases cause an exponential rise in diamond pricing. The price of the diamond increases more at specific “magic sizes,” like as 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0 carats, etc., they increase more. Just below a “magic size,” such as buying a 0.95-carat diamond rather than a 1.0-carat diamond can save money without significantly changing the item’s appearance.

Now that we have this important information out of the way, let’s move on to the important steps in the diamond purchasing procedure.

How to purchase a diamond in-store?

Marc Samuels- Zameer Lokhandwala

In order to purchase a diamond in person, the first step is to locate a trusted jeweler. Your jeweler should be knowledgeable, approachable, and able to explain how to purchase a diamond in straightforward terms. You can judge a jeweler’s level of expertise based on their professional training. Preferably, their education came from a well-regarded and internationally accredited course of study, such as the Applied Jewelry Professional (AJP) or Graduate Gemologist (GG) diploma programs from the Gemological Institute of America.

An informed jeweler will be able to explain the 4Cs of Diamond Quality and show you the variations between stones that initially appear to be comparable as your personal diamond buying consultant. They would advise you to compare several diamonds that are within your price range.

When the jeweler has shown you diamonds that fit your criteria and budget, you should compare them in the jewelry store’s various lighting settings to determine whether you like the face-up pattern, fire, and brilliance of the stones. Warmer lighting tends to highlight a diamond’s fire, whereas cooler lighting tends to highlight its brilliance and face-up pattern more.

How to purchase a diamond online?

Customers can browse a huge selection of diamonds online from the comfort of their homes. Many websites allow users to search using the 4Cs. In this manner, consumers can compare the costs of diamonds with comparable qualities.

When buying in this method, grading reports is essential because the 4Cs quality aspects of diamonds are what set one diamond apart from another even when you can’t see them in person. Make sure the diamond you buy has a certificate from a reputable lab. In this manner, you are completely aware of the costs involved.

Keep in mind two diamonds with the same 4Cs ratings won’t look exactly the same. Their face-up patterns will nonetheless differ because of their somewhat differing dimensions and facet arrangements. This is the reason why numerous sizable online stores show their jewels in films or 360-degree views. While watching these movies will give you a broad concept of what a diamond looks like, keep in mind that a diamond’s appearance may still change depending on the lighting.

Before making a purchase, make sure you are aware of the company’s return policy. You can also purchase two to three diamonds to compare, keeping the one you like most if the price isn’t too high. Make sure to view the diamonds in various lighting conditions to determine which appears best of all, in your opinion. Before visiting a physical store to make a diamond purchase, online browsing can be a terrific approach for you to investigate diamond pricing.


Even though one’s perception of beauty is subjective, nobody would want to purchase a fake diamond. If you believe the jeweler’s claims to be too good to be true, they very well may be. Learn about the fundamentals of diamonds. When choosing the best jeweler like Zameer Lokhadwalla, do your homework starting from there. Even if the prices are too good to pass up, avoid being lured by unreasonably low costs. You may prevent being duped into purchasing a fake diamond by keeping these factors in mind.

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